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I have been a client of Jennifer Sporbeck for thirteen years. I originally saw Jennifer to treat back and shoulder issues I was experiencing. I continue to see Jennifer on a regular basis as it is part of my overall wellness plan. Jennifer is a very competent, knowledgeable and kind RMT. I would highly recommend Jennifer anytime for your massage therapy needs.

--Janice Verhaeghe

Jennifer is a fantastic massage therapist!  I have been visiting her on a regular basis to help with my fibromyalgia. She is an incredibly knowledgeable and caring massage therapist who knows how to strike a fine balance between relaxation and tension release. You get to decide if you need quiet during a session or if you are up for comfortable conversation.  Jennifer checks in with you, asks for feedback and is responsive in her methods of individualizing her care. Thank you Jennifer, for being there for me!


--Denise Clark, Extra Mile Dog Walking, Belmont

I have been a client of Jennifer's since 2004. I was reluctant to go to a massage therapist questioning the affect it would or would not have on me.  Little did I know the benefits of massage therapy until I started to see Jennifer.  

Jen has been able to offer me healing hands through relief of stress of work, aches and pains and overall self maintenance.  My body and mind are much healthier since I started to receive therapy on a bi-weekly basis.  I always feel comfortable, safe, and cared for on her table.  Thanks for all your help!

--Marta van der Hoff

I have been a very happy regular client of Jennifer Sporbeck of the Belmont Massage Therapy Clinic since 2001. I consider my hour long appointments, every three weeks, to be a very necessary part of my health care. I have had several physical challenges, including knee surgery which resulted in having one leg longer than the other. Jennifer always knows just what to do to "put me back together" so back pain is not a problem. In the weeks following my knee surgery, even though I could not lay face down, Jennifer adjusted our normal massage routine to address my needs while keeping me comfortable. 

I also struggle with tendinitis, arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome on my wrists, due to incorrect hand position when I was a young piano student. Thank to Jennifer, I continue to play piano and carry out my normal daily routine with much less discomfort. I carry my stress in my shoulders and Jennifer knows just what to do to relieve that stress and make me comfortable. 

I recently underwent breast cancer treatment and had to miss an appointment due to my radiation appointments. I could really feel the difference in my body. Going to my appointments regularly really helps to keep me functioning at full steam. While her massages are very deep and thorough, I always leave feeling relaxed, and "loose" ...not stiff and tight. Thanks Jennifer!!! 

--Joanne Barker, Music/Piano teacher, Let's Play Music Studio, Belmont

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